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Birth Date: March 8 1959
Birth Place: N/A

Handsome, sensitive leading man introduced to moviegoers as a James Dean wannabe in his debut film, Reckless (1984). He made more of an impression the following year as the nominal male lead in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) and won critical kudos as an AIDS victim in the landmark telefilm An Early Frost (also 1985), which made it clear that this was an actor worth watching. Born to Irish immigrant parents in Chicago, his family moved back and forth from the U.S. to Ireland during his youth, and only after holding a variety of odd jobs did Quinn decide to focus on acting. He amassed some stage experience in Chicago and New York, and has matured into one of the screen's most intereSting and intelligent young actors. His other credits include The Mission (1986), Stakeout (1987), Crusoe (1988, in the title role), The Handmaid's Tale, The Lemon Sisters, Avalon (all 1990, in the last as a young Jewish patriarch), At Play in the Fields of the Lord (1991), The Playboys (1992, which brought him back to Ireland), A Private Matter (1992, telefilm, opposite Sissy Spacek), Benny & Joon (1993), Blink, Legends of the Fall and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
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