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Alberta Watson

Birth Date: March 6 1955
Birth Place: N/A

Summer 2000 Update: "Tart", a movie Alberta filmed last year with Melanie Griffith and Dominique Swain, is due out later this year. She is currently filming the movie version of the successful off-Broadway musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". Alberta Watson, well known to television audiences as Madeline on the cable hit "La Femme Nikita", has enjoyed a long and diverse career in television and film. A native of Toronto, Watson began performing with a local theater group as a teenager. She received a Genie nomination for best supporting actress for one of her first movie roles, Mitzi in George Kaczender's "In Praise of Older Women" Just a year later, she took home the Best Actress award at the Yorkton Film Festival for short films for "Exposure". Watson then headed to the United States, living in New York and then moving to Los Angeles, where she made several films including the cult horror classic "The Keep" with Scott Glenn and the TV movie "Women of Valor" with Susan Sarandon and Kristy McNichol. After returning to the East Coast, Watson took a chance on a low-budget independent film with then-novice director David O. Russell. "Spanking the Monkey" won the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, multiple Independent Spirit Awards, and dozens of rave reviews for Watson's performance as a depressed, addicted mother who has an affair with her own son, played by "Saving Private Ryan" star Jeremy Davies. The next year, Watson went on to play the far more stable mother to a teenage computer genius in the box office smash "Hackers", and then the wife of mobster John Gotti in the Emmy nominated television movie of the same name. Watson returned to Toronto and continued to seek out interesting roles in independent film, a quest which led her to work with fledgling director Colleen Murphy on 1996's "Shoemaker". While the film was not widely released in North America, Watson's performance did not go unnoticed - she received a second Genie nomination, this time in the Lead Actress category. The following year, she won critical praise for another independent film, Atom Egoyan's haunting "The Sweet Hereafter", in which she played the mother of a child killed in a tragic accident. TSH, which boasted an exceptional cast including Ian Holm and Sarah Polley, received the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Film Festival and went on to earn both Academy Award and Genie nominations. Meanwhile, Watson had begun filming "La Femme Nikita", a television series based upon the Luc Besson film of the same name. Her character, Madeline, is the executive strategist of a top-secret government agency that fights terrorism; a character who uses everything from psychological manipulation to torture to achieve the organization's ends. The series has received multiple Gemini awards, including a 1998 nomination for Watson for the episode "New Regime". Watson's latest film, "The Life Before This", with Stephen Rea, Sarah Polley and Catherine O'Hara, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September 1999. She has just completed work on "Desire", another project with "Shoemaker" director Colleen Murphy, and is about to begin filming another feature film, "Deeply", co-starring Lynn Redgrave as well as the fourth season of "La Femme Nikita". When she is not on location, Watson lives in Toronto with her two cats and two dogs. She has recently been introduced to the cyber world and has an official web site at
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