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Born on April 18, 1982, Alexxus Young was transplanted from her L.A. birthplace to an Arkansas horse ranch. I'm Native American, a Cherokee,relates Young. It's in my blood to blend within an animal environment. I sheltered dogs, frogs, ducks, birds and cats. Not to mentioned the horses! I love them all. As a juvenile, Young adhered to a fantasy world for escape. Medieval fantasy, to be specific. My friends and I were into the pageantry, witches and mythology. And seances! We scared the hell out of one another. All of this segued into my choices of film-I don't know how many time that I've screened LEGEND and LABYRINTH (David Bowie was such a hotty)! A self-professed sci-fi nerd, Alexxus admits that her photo shoots explores her genre fantasies. My favorite films include LEGEND, BLADE RUNNER, THE MATRIX and CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Another fave is PRINCESS MONONOKE: the title character's amazing determination and spirit qualifies her as a role model
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