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Amanda Tapping was born on August 28, 1965 in Rochford, Essex, England. She spent a short time in South Benfleet, Essex, before relocating to Ontario, Canada at the age of 3. Amanda Tapping went to North Toronto High School where she won the Dramatic Arts Award and environmental Science Award. She studied drama at the University of Windsor School of Dramatic Arts in Windsor, Ontario. After graduation she spent four more years studying theater and appearing in several stage productions. After six months she secured an agent and got her first commercial (Tim Horton's Oat Bran Muffins.) A couple more commercials followed, and the payment Amanda received for them allowed her to help finance the existance of Random Acts, an improvisational comedy troupe, which she formed in the early 90s in Toronto with two othe women (Katherine Jackson and Anne Marie Kerr). The group performed sketch comedy in small venues around Toronto including The New Ideas Festival and Tarragon Spring Arts Fair. Amanda has three brothers (Richard, Christopher and Stephen), of whom two are older than herself and one is her twin brother. One of her elder brothers is a biochemist, and her twin brother is a computer programmer. In years 1995-1997 Amanda appeared in a number of television productions (including _"Flash Forward" (1996)_ (qv), _Remembrance (1996)(TV)_ (qv) and episodes of various shows like "Due South", "The Newsroom" and "The X-Files). Films included _Rent-a-Kid (1995)_ (qv) and _Booty Call (1997)_ (qv). Her major breakthrough, however, came in 1997 when she won the role of Captain Samantha Carter in the television show _"Stargate SG-1" (1997)_ (qv).
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