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Andrew Prine, a well known stage actor also known for military/western dramas was first seen in _Kiss her Goodbye (1959)_ (qv), then in _Miracle Worker, The (1962)_ (qv). Prine, who has a Texan sounding voice, was also well remembered in westerns like _Texas across the River (1966)_ (qv), _Generation (1969)_ (qv) and _Chisum (1970)_ (qv), which featured his close and well known friends Christopher George, John Wayne and Richard Jaeckel. Prine next starred in _Simon, King of the Witches (1971)_ (qv), _One Little Indian (1973)_ (qv), _Centerfold Girls, The (1974)_ (qv) and _Grizzly (1976)_ (qv), which also featured Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel. Prine also wrote his own little dialogue story for Grizzly. During this time through the 60's and 70's Prine was married four times but keep his acting career up. Prine later was in _Evil, The (1978)_ (qv), _Amityville II: The Possession (1982)_ (qv), _Eliminators (1986)_ (qv), _Chill Factor (1990)_ (qv) and _Gettysburg (1993)_ (qv), which got Prine a big and great role. Prine is a great veteran actor in Hollywood who will always be remembered. He has also been in over 30 great films and made 79 guest appearacnes.
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