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Birth Date: August 25 1947
Birth Place: N/A

Anne Archer was nominated for an Academy Award®, a Golden Globe and the British (BAFTA) Academy Award for her role as Michael Douglas' sympathetic, tortured wife, Beth Gallagher, in Adrian Lyne©ˆs 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. Archer is also well-known for her poignant Golden Globe-winning performance in the ensemble cast of Robert Altman©ˆs Short Cuts and for playing CIA agent Jack Ryan's beleaguered wife, Cathy, in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, both based on Tom Clancy bestsellers. She recently completed a starring role opposite Courteney Cox in the independent feature November and is currently in production on Revolution Studios' comedy Man of the House, portraying Prof. Molly McCarthy opposite Tommy Lee Jones. She will soon be seen in Showtime's provocative new series The L Word with Jennifer Beals, Mia Kirshner and Pam Grier. Born into a show business family, she followed in the footsteps of her parents, actress Marjorie Lord (TV's Make Room for Daddy) and actor John Archer (_White Heat (1960)_ ). Archer studied theatre arts at Claremont College before debuting on the motion picture screen opposite Jon Voight in The All-American Boy. She won critical acclaim for her leading role in Lifeguard as Sam Elliott's old flame. Throughout her motion picture career, Archer has starred opposite some of Hollywood's most dynamic and respected leading men, not only Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford, but also Gene Hackman in Narrow Margin, Tom Berenger in director Alan Rudolph's romantic comedy Love at Large, Donald Sutherland in _Eminent Domain_ (1995) and Sylvester Stallone in Paradise Alley. In 2000 she appeared in The Art of War with Wesley Snipes and Rules of Engagement (her first project with Tommy Lee Jones), which was one of the box office hits in Spring of that year.
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