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Birth Date: May 29 1958
Birth Place: N/A

At the moment in her career when her name was becoming established with critics and audiences alike, Bening achieved her greatest notoriety by putting her work on hold to have Warren Beatty's baby. After working in regional theater and on the New York stage (and receiving a Tony nomination for "Coastal Disturbances") she debuted on film as Dan Aykroyd's wife in The Great Outdoors (1988). She appeared in the lavish costume drama Valmont (1989), and in a small but telling role in Postcards From the Edge but really sparkled in her Oscarnominated role as the sexy con artist Myra in The Grifters (both 1990). She shifted gears to play wifely second fiddle to Robert De Niro in Guilty by Suspicion and Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry (both 1991), but commanded the screen as tarttongued starlet Virginia Hill opposite Warren Beatty's Bugsy Siegel in Bugsy (also 1991). Their offscreen relationship led to Bening's pregnancy (which cost her the role of Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns and enabled her to snare a more impressive-and, over the years, hotly desired-role: Beatty's wife. She then costarred with him in a remake of Love Affair (1994).
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