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Birth Date: April 1 1954
Birth Place: N/A

Sparkling, intelligent, red-haired actress, singer and dancer whose talents haven't always been used to best advantage. The wholesomely attractive O'Toole seems tailor-made for perky, girl-next-door types, but is also capable of much more. Debuting in the 1973 TV movie EB> O'Toole first drew attention to herself as one of the conniving beauty pageant contestants in Smile (1975), and she was briefly typecast as The Loyal Girlfriend in One on One (1977), King of the Gypsies (1978), and 48HRS (1982). More diverse roles finally followed: She escaped feline Nastassia Kinski in Cat People (1982), played Lana Lang in Superman III (1983), suffered through The Date From Hell (with Martin Short) in Cross My Heart (1987), and was one of a bigamist's unsuspecting wives in Love at Large (1990). She also impressed in many small-screen telefilms throughout the 1970s and 1980s, most memorably in The War Between the Tates (1977, as a student involved with her professor) and Stand By Your Man (1981, as Tammy Wynette). She started off the 1990s by starring in the latest remake of the venerable drama A Girl of the Limberlost (1990). Her many other TV movie and miniseries credits include The Entertainer (1975), "Stephen King's `It'" (1990), and Danielle Steel's Jewels (1992).
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