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Birth Date: October 28 1952
Birth Place: N/A

Interested in stage and film at an early age, Annie attended Stephens College in Missouri, in their theater studies course, followed by graduate work in California. At the age of 20 she married her college sweetheart Steven Hartley. Only a short time later she and her husband were in a serious automobile accident in New Mexico - their Volkswagen bus was demolished by two drivers who were drag racing. Steve lost a leg, and Annie had multiple fractures (resulting in a traumatic arthritis that still persists). Early roles were primarily in television, such as _Black Market Baby (1977) (TV)_ (qv), but her presence moved up with an appearence in the megahit _Ghostbusters (1984)_ (qv) and a seven-year stint as one of the _"Designing Women" (1986)_ (qv). A brief period in _"Love & War" (1992)_ (qv) ended with the cancellation of the show, about which she remains resentful. Then in 1996 the critically acclaimed _"Dangerous Minds" (1996)_ (qv) found her in a role based on the real-life marine sergeant 'LouAnne Johnson' (qv), as a teacher trying to educate a group of dysfunctional high schoolers.
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