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Birth Date: January 31 1959
Birth Place: N/A

Anthony LaPaglia has played such convincing New Yorkers mostly Italian ones, that it's hard to believe he was actually born in Australia. After moving to the U.S. and working as a teacher and at several other odd jobs, LaPaglia took to the stage, quickly learning his craft and landing small roles on TV as well (most notably in a 1988 telepic, Frank Nitti: The Enforcer). He made his feature-film debut in a small part in Slaves of New York (1989), then went on to quietly steal Betsy's Wedding (1990) as polite mobster Stevie Dee. LaPaglia, a surprisingly natural screen presence, has since been seen to good advantage in He Said, She Said, One Good Cop and especially, the picaresque New York saga 29th Street (all 1991). The good notices he got for the latter film may have prompted his casting in two 1992 mainstream genre efforts: Whispers in the Dark (as a badgering cop who hounds Annabella Sciorra-a terrific performance) and Innocent Blood (in the male lead, again as a cop). He played another cop-for humorous effect-in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993). He switched gears to play a slimy New Orleans hit man in The Client an excon in Mixed Nuts (both 1994), and another hit man in Bulletproof Heart (1995).
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