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Antonio Sabato Jr

Birth Date: February 29 1972
Birth Place: N/A

Antonio Sabato Jr., son of renowned actor Antonio Sabato, was born on February 29, 1972 in Rome, Italy. His entire family, came over to the United States when Antonio was only 12 years old. The Sabato's settled in Southern California, to raise ther family. Antonio's acting career began in 1992 when he joined the cast of the daytime soap opera 'General Hospital.' Here he spent 4 years on the cast. Due to his enormously fast growing popularity, Antonio was chosen by 'Soap Opera Digest' as the Hottest Male and Outstanding Newcomer. He was also chosen as 'People' magazine's "50 most beautiful people" list, and appeared on the cover of 'TV Guide.' Antonio left the cast of 'General Hospital' for a sure role on Steven Spielberg's prime-time drama 'Earth 2.' The trials and turbulances of the show caused for an abrupt cancellation at the end of its first year. After that year Antonio was more cautious about jumping into another full-time TV soap opera, so he took a six episode contract with the show 'Melrose Place.' After starring in Fox TV's "If Looks Could Kill', Antonio caught the attention of the designer company 'Calvin Klein.' It wasn't long before he signed on as the spokesmodel for Calvin Klein underwear. After a very sucessful three years of modeling for Calvin Klein, Antonio's attention was turned to feature films. His first films consisted mainly of independant pictures, but he caught a break with Sony Pictures' film 'The Big Hit.' Along with his countless other talents, Antonio is now a published author. His book is called 'No Excuses: Workout for Life' and was released in October 1999.
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