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Birth Date: April 6 1969
Birth Place: N/A

Ari Meyers was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 6, 1969. She began an acting career at age 12 with her role as Al Pacino's step-daughter in Al Pacino's "Author! Author!" and hasn't looked back since. Her mother, actress Tara Meyer, Ari dictated her first play, "The Super Magic Show", for her nursery school class to her mom when she was 5. She directed, came up with the scripts, and choreographed the dancers! At age 5 Ari became a child model but took a hiatus when she decided she would rather play than go to auditions. Her most famous role to date is that of Emma McCardle, which she portrayed on the 80's sitcom, "Kate & Allie" for six years until 1990. In 1991 Ari Meyers graduated from Yale with honors and a double major in philosophy and theatre arts, and she was also an honor student throughout her high school years.
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