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Presently recognized as the biggest pop music group in the world, the Backstreet Boys have dominated the charts both in the U.S. and internationally, where albums have received gold and platinum awards in 45 countries with more than 28 million albums sold worldwide. They were nominated for a "Best New Artist" Grammy Award and named among Entertainment Weekly's "Best Entertainers of 1998." They were also among People magazine's 1998 "Men We Love," and "25 Most Intriguing People Of The Year." The group consists of five members: Kevin was born in Lexington, KY on October 3, 1971. While growing up he lived on a farm until he was 9, and played little league football, high school football, rode horses, and dirt bikes. He loves the piano, he started playing when he was 9 and got his first keyboard when he was a freshman in high school, he also participated in drama club and chorus. Before joining the Backstreet Boys he worked in theater and at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Kevin holds a deep personal commitment to cleaning up and protecting the Earth. He is focusing his personal and political efforts on the launch of an environmental Foundation in the new year. Howie D was born Howard Dwaine Dorough on August 22, 1973 in Orlando, FL. His mother is from Puerto Rico and his father is of Irish descent. He has four brothers and sisters – John, Pollyanna, Angie, and Caroline, who lost her life to the disease Lupus. A true Florida native, Howie loves swimming and water skiing, as well as weight lifting and racquetball. Howie’s been entertaining since he could walk; at the age of 3 he woke his grandparents by jumping onto their bed and belting out a rendition of “Baby Face” as loud as possible. He sung in both his school and church choirs while growing up and was a member of several local theater groups. In addition to his tough touring schedule as a Backstreet Boy, Howie takes time to perform hip-hop routines at local clubs in Orlando, including the one he owns; Tabu. Alexander James McLean (AJ) was born January 9th in 1978 in West Palm Beach, FL. He’s worked for Nickelodeon and the Disney channel, and enjoys anything and everything creative. He counts puppeteering, cartooning, writing, poetry, ventriloquism, and songwriting among his talents. Nick was born on January 28th, 1980 in Jamestown, NY, and moved to Florida when he was 4. Nick has a scuba diving license and loves the ocean, so it’s lucky he wasn’t away from water for too long. Nick’s described as the prankster of the group, although it’s been a while since he’s pulled off one of his signature stunts, like the time he gave the Boys manager a piece of fish-flavored gum. Like the other Boys, Nick got started early – he even appeared in “Edward Scissorhands:” “It would be going too far to say I was actually in ‘Edward Scissorhands’ because I was so far in the background that you can’t tell it’s me. It would be better to say I was on the set of the film…I was in the scene when Edward looks out of a window to the neighborhood. For a split second he sees some kids playing – one of them was me. I was sliding on a yellow piece of plastic we used to call a Slip n’ Slide. They were long flat sheets with water coming out of holes and were really popular with kids at the time. I had to slide on one in the background of the shot. It was great fun being on the set, but it was really cold and they made us do it a lot of times.” Brian Thomas Littrell was born in Lexington, KY on February 20,1975.Brian lives near Orlando, and was recently married.
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