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'Barbara Luna' (qv) was born in Manhattan and grew up on Broadway. This multi-talented lady has appeared in two plays, five musicals, ten films and over 500 television shows. She was just two when she first appeared in Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific. She went on to Hollywood where her first major film was Devil at 4 O' Clock with Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra. She co-starred with Vivian Leigh and Lee Marvin in Ship of Fools. Television work includes guest star roles with William Shatner in Star Trek, and later with Larry Hagman in Dallas. BarBara started a night-club act in New York and has appeared with Bill Cosby and Charlie Callas in Atlantic City. On the day-time soap One Life to Live she is also known for playing Maria, "the bitch everyone loves to hate!"
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