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Birth Date: March 14 1947
Birth Place: N/A

Bright, likable, curly-haired comedian, one of the few who's successfully made the transition from stand-up comic to movie star. He first won over TV audiences as the acerbic gay stepson on "Soap" (1977-81), following that with a short-lived variety show (on which he introduced his infamous Fernando Lamas impression). Crystal made his feature starring debut as the world's first pregnant man in the Rabbit Test (1978), written and directed by Joan Rivers. But it was the 1984-85 season of "Saturday Night Live" that made him a star and Fernando's "You look mahhhhvelous!" a hot catchphrase. He returned to movie leading roles as a wise-cracking cop in Running Scared (1986), a tormented writing teaCher in Throw Momma From the Train (1987), a long-suffering son in Memories of Me (1988, which he also wrote and coproduced), a male chauvinist in EB(1989), and an ad-man suffering his midlife crisis in City Slickers (1991, which he also produced). Mr. Saturday Night (1992) drew on Crystal's fascination with the peccadilloes of show business, and inspired him to direct for the first time. (He'd already created and produced an exceptionally intelligent comedy series about a man in therapy, "Sessions," for cable TV in 1992.) Succumbing to the lure of success, he made a standard sequel City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994) before cowriting and directing himself and Debra Winger in Forget Paris (1995). He has also won plaudits, and three Emmys, as the quick-witted host of the Academy Awards (1990-93).
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