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Birth Date: June 13 1974
Birth Place: N/A

Brande Roderick was born in Novato, California, and attended Santa Rosa Junior College, and always aspired to be an actress. She got her start by making guest appearances on shows such as The Love Boat: The Next Wave in 1998, as well as Beverly Hills, 90210, another episode of The Love Boat, the Christina Applegate sitcom Jesse, in 1999, and Two Guys and a Girl. In 1998, Brande also starred in the films Sheer Passion, Life of a Gigolo, and Club Wildside 2. But it was in 1999 that she would go from obscurity to fame, as lifeguard Leigh Dyer on the most popular syndicated show of all-time, Baywatch Hawaii. Brande won the part among hundreds of fellow aspiring Baywatch beauties, and fully convinced the producer that she was the perfect fit for the role. She starred on the show for a year, and like fellow Baywatch veterans such as Marliece Andrada and Angelica Bridges, Brande moved on to bigger things. Among those things was being named Miss April 2000 in Play.boy's issue of that month. While she does have commercials for Dr. Pepper and Snickers on her resume, Brande aspires to act -- and looks to Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. When she's not busy striking a pose or acting, Brande enjoys traveling and supporting the charities she believes in.
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