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Burly, light-haired supporting player and occasional leading man whose Irish charm and engaging grin made him a popular star. After numerous TV movies, including Pearl, Dummy, Skokie and A Real American Hero (a Walking Tall spinoff in which he played the lead), Dennehy captured attention with small but showy portrayals in such films as Semi-Tough (1977) and Foul Play (1978), leading to stronger assignments in 10 (1979, as the philosophical bartender), First Blood (1982, as the sheriff hunting Rambo), Cocoon (1985 and its 1988 sequel, as the friendly alien leader), and Silverado (also 1985, as a Western heavy), among others. Elevated to costar and leading-man status, Dennehy frequently plays tough, no-nonsense cops, as in F/X (1986 and its 1991 sequel), Best Seller (1987), and The Last of the Finest (1990). Also impressive as a smarmy district attorney in Presumed Innocent (1990).Dennehy has been busy in TV movies and miniseries, including Deadly Matrimony, Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story (both 1992), "Murder in the Heartland" (1993), and Foreign Affairs (also 1993), opposite Joanne Woodward. After the TV drama "Birdland" (1994), Dennehy appeared in Tommy Boy (1995).
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