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Birth Date: September 8 1971
Birth Place: N/A

Brooke Burke is recognized worldwide as the hottest tour guide and adrenaline junkie on E! Entertainment Television's popular travel series, Wild On..., seen in 120 countries and more than 400 million homes. After completing her "Wild On" assignment, Brooke segued to hosting E!'s pop culture countdown series, Rank, which rates everything in entertainment, from Hollywood's sexiest stars to the best date movies. Brooke completed her stint at E! in August 2003 and set her sights on an acting career, landing a cameo role in the Ben Stiller /Vince Vaughn comedy, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and parts in the independent features Dead Scared and Knuckle Sandwich. In addition, she has guest-starred in such TV series as Less Than Perfect, It's All Relative, The Bernie Mac Show, Monk, Rock Me Baby and That's Life, and made her stage debut performing a celebrity guest "CenterPIECE" monologue for the Los Angeles premiere of the off-Broadway play "Pieces (of Ass)." She lends her voice to Atari's "Trivial Pursuit Unhinged" video game as the celebrity host of its "People and Places" category. During her three-year stint as host of "Wild On," she guided tours for areas ranging from the Australian outback to the Mayan Riviera, trekked the endangered bamboo forests of Bali, partied in the hyperactive nightlife of the world's most exotic capitals and done everything from grasping the fin of a wild shark in Belize to flying in a Russian MIG-17 at negative G forces. She finds that it's more rewarding to see each country not as a tourist but as an explorer with an eye to that particular country's culture. Raised in Tucson, Arizona (her French, Irish and Portuguese ancestry contribute to her stunningly exotic look), Brooke developed an affinity for the desert as a child and never envisioned herself as a Hollywood personality or television star ("When I was young I wanted to do something innocuous, like become a drummer in a rock-and-roll band," she's said). She seems to have found the perfect balance among marriage (her husband is Garth Fisher M.D. of ABC's Extreme Makeover.
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