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Birth Date: June 28 1946
Birth Place: N/A

As Willard in the 1971 horror thriller of the same name, this blond, wide-eyed actor played a disturbed outcast who dispatched an army of rats to devour his enemies. Almost 20 years later he was Oscar-nominated for his sensitive portrayal of a man caring for his dying, AIDS-infected lover in Longtime Companion A respected actor on stage and television, and a director who cut his teeth on the "Harry and the Hendersons" series in which he starred. He's certainly come a long way since debuting on the big screen in 1969's coming-of-age drama Last Summer His performance as a child molester in the chilling prison drama Short Eyes (1977) is a particular highlight on his résumé. OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1970: The Strawberry Statement 1974: Mame 1984: Crimes of Passion 1985: Spies Like Us 1986: The Ladies Club 1990: Steel and Lace 1991: Oscar 1993: Short Cuts, Six Degrees of Separation
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