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Birth Date: May 9 1946
Birth Place: N/A

The daughter of ventriloquist/comedian Edgar Bergen first appeared on-screen at the age of 11, telling Groucho Marx on an episode of "You Bet Your Life" that she wanted to be a dress designer when she grew up. Her choice of film projects-including The Group (1966), Getting Straight (1970), and The Hunting Party (1971). Bergen subsequently turned in fine portrayals in T. R. Baskin and Carnal Knowledge (both 1971), suggesting that she had greater potential than previously suspected, but she seemed more interested in photojournalism (for which she showed surprising aptitude) and didn't gain widespread acceptance as a screen actress until winning an Oscar nomination for her turn as Burt Reynolds' ex-wife in Starting Over (1979). She has since gone on to greater popularity as the star of the critically acclaimed "Murphy Brown" TV show, for which she has received four Emmy Awards. Bergen iis the widow of director Louis Malle. Candice published an autobiography, "Knock Wood," in 1984.
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