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Birth Date: October 26 1962
Birth Place: N/A

Cary is the third son of interior decorator Tessa Kennedy and the late portrait artist Domonic Elwes. He has two older brothers, Cassian an L.A. film producer, and Damien an artist. Cary's parents divorced when he was nine years old. His mother later re-married American movie producer Elliot Kastner. When he was thirteen his father passed-away. Cary graduated from the famous British school called Harrow in 1980. He came to America to study acting at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville New York. He left school after several years and began his film career. Although he is quite young, he is well respected by colleagues and fans alike as a brilliant actor. Cary is interested in history and says, "It's deliberate that a lot of my films have been period pieces." Cary is politically active for causes he believes in such as helping Native American Peoples. He has been involved with model/actress 'Lisa Marie Kurbikoff' for several years. At the time of this writing marriage plans were on hold. He currently resides in Malibu.
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