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Birth Date: February 11 1956
Birth Place: N/A

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hickland is no newcomer to television audiences. Her first professional job got her nationwide attention as a stewardess in an airline "Fly Me" advertising campaign. Since that time, she has received exposure in the dual role of "Julie Clegg" and "Jenny Diamond" on Capitol, and as "Dr. Courtney Marshall" on Texas. Hickland has also guest-starred on numerous prime-time series, such as _"Knight Rider" (1982)_ (qv), 0075500, _"Airwolf" (1984)_ (qv) and 0077093; and such television movies as The Seeding of Sara Burns (TV) and To Race the Wind (TV). Feature-film credits include _Last Married Couple in America, The (1980)_ (qv) (her first movie, in which she played 'George Segal' (qv)'s young "squeeze"), Witch Craft, War Zone Zero, _Taxi Killer (1988)_ (qv), and 0105507, in which she shows off her karate skills. Shortly after the cancellation of Capitol, Catherine moved to Rome, immersing herself in a new language and a new culture. She lived there for two years, during which time she made several Italian films. After her return to the United States, she met her husband, _"All My Children" (1970)_ (qv) star 'Michael E. Knight' (qv) (who plays Tad Martin). They were married in June 1992. In 1995, Catherine starred as "Fantine" in Les MisÚrables on Broadway. She performed with the symphony of Lyon on New Year's Eve, 1995, in Lyon, France. Earlier this year, Catherine staged two sold-out performances of her cabaret, Boys on the Side. Catherine and Michael starred opposite one another on stage in the play, Run for Your Wife, in Los Angeles. They now live in Manhattan with their dog and six cats.
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