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Catherine Mary Stewart

Birth Date: April 22 1959
Birth Place: N/A

Catherine Mary Stewart was born on April 22, 1959 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and came from a very strong academic family. Before retiring, her mother, Mary was a physiologist, her father (John) Ralph Nursall was a renowned marine biologist from the University of Alberta, and her brother Alan is a scientist with a Canadian TV show of his own. Rather than follow in the footsteps of her parents, she went a completely different direction. She started dancing at seven and was extremely serious about it. She joined a professional company at 16 and toured the Middle East and Europe. At 19 she moved to London to enhance that career. For the next two years, in addition to dance, she studied drama, singing, dialects, etc. and continued doing commercial work. It was during this period that she got her first motion picture role in the Peter Roth musical, _Apple, The (1980)_ (qv). But it was with her move to Los Angeles that really catapulted her career to the next level. Arriving in Los Angeles, she stayed with friends and immediately began working on her career, but it took close to a year before she could obtain her Green Card and work. After obtaining, her Green Card she was immediately cast in "Days of Our Lives" (1965)_ (qv). Later she stared in the Sci-Fi film, _Last Starfighter, The (1984)_ (qv). Since that time she has gone on to make thirty-seven + films with numerous TV appearances, and continues to delight her fans all over the world.
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