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Birth Date: August 18 1969
Birth Place: N/A

Christian Slater, (his birth name is Christian Michael Leonard Hawkins) was born August 18, 1969 in New York City,. The son of a casting agent, who says he was first spotted on the "The Joe Franklin Show”, he debuted in The Legend of Billie Jean (1985), and appeared in other films. He made his first real impact in Heathers (1989). The next year he collected good reviews for Pump Up the Volume (1990), starring as a pirate radio deejay who touches the lives of the local misunderstood youth. In much the same way, he quickly became something of a teen idol in real life. He joined the cast of Young Guns II and added youth appeal to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as Will Scarlett. Some of his recent credits include Jimmy Hollywood and Interview With the Vampire. In recent years, Slater has been arrested and has served jail time for drug and weapons charges. He is married to Ryan Haddon. He and his wife have one son and are expecting a child in September of 2001.
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