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Birth Date: September 25 1977
Birth Place: N/A

So far in her short career, Clea DuVall has managed to carve out a niche for herself as the "outsider", but as her career blossoms we can expect much more from this gifted young actress. As with most actresses her age (Clea was born in 1977), she started off by making guest appearances on a variety of television shows, including two episodes of ER. Next up for Clea were some very minor walk-on roles in films like Can't Hardly Wait and She's All That. It was The Faculty, the collaborative effort of screenwriter Kevin Williamson and director Robert Rodriguez, which really marked Clea's debut. As the gothgirl named Stokely, she managed to stand out in a cast full of pretty young faces. If her breakout performance is a sign of things to come, this Southern California resident, from what she calls "the bad parts of L.A.", is sure to make her mark on the Hollywood map. She's continued her slow rise to fame with parts in a variety of films - from the mediocre (Astronaut's Wife, The) to the superb (Girl, Interrupted). The latter film in particular proved interesting since Clea has often been compared to a young Winona Ryder - both having taken on dark edgy roles. Clea has continued to hone her skills, practicing at her craft in her smaller, more independent films (most notably But I'm a Cheerleader). Although she has not had the spotlight and glamour of some of her contemporaries, she's quickly becoming one of the most sought after and talented actresses of her generation.
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