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Birth Date: September 15 1968
Birth Place: N/A

The darkly handsome Danny Nucci graduated from teen roles to adult parts in the 1990s. Born in Austria and raised in Italy, the actor moved to the USA with his family at age seven. Nucci's film career got a start with a bit part in "Explorers" (1985). He took Five years off to hone his craft on the small screen before returning to features in the teen comedy "Book of Love" (1990), as the lead's wacky pal. Supporting roles followed in "Rescue Me" (1991), the based-on-fact plane crash drama "Alive" (1993) and the low-budget Southwestern drama "Roosters" (1993) before Nucci made a splash as the sonar officer in Tony Scott's hit film "Crimson Tide" (1995). He subsequently landed a small role in Michael Bay's prison adventure "The Rock" and played a cohort of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Charles Russell's "Eraser" (both 1996). He played a jailer in the psychodrama "Homage" (1995) and a sexy gardener who yearns for the married Lara Flynn Boyle in the film noir "The Big Squeeze" (1996). Nucci went on to be cast as a paparazzo harassing Bette Midler in the comedy "That Old Feeling" and was Leonardo DiCaprio's cabin mate in James Cameron's big-budgeted "Titanic".
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