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Birth Date: September 8 1971
Birth Place: N/A

David Arquetts was born September 8, 1971 in Winchester, Virginia. David Arquette's early childhood was not spent like most American children. David, along with his parents and four other siblings lived several years in a commune. Not an unusual arrangement for such an artistic family: his father and siblings are actors. David's mom taught acting classes and for a time ran a children's theatre. His father, Lewis Arquette, joined the cast of "The Waltons" in the later part of the series At the end of the 70's, David Arquette's family left the commune and moved to Los Angeles in order for his father to be closer to where the work was. David attended Fairfax high school, and on the prompting of his sisters, and with the prospect of making some money, David decided to try his hand at acting, auditioning and winning a part in a school play. The acting bug seemed to have bitten him good. He went on to gain work in television and film. He is best known for the part of Dwight 'Dewey' Riley in the "Scream" movies, where he met his future wife Courtney Cox, whom he wed at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral. Arquette lends his voice to the EA Sports Big game SSX, playing Eddie Wachowski. On April 27th 2000, David Arquette became the WCW Heavywieght Champion in a special tag match, pitting him and his partner Diamond Dallas Page against Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff. The stipulation was that whoever got the pin would become champ, and after his involvement in previous matches, Arquette was able to pin Eric Bischoff and win the title. Also, he is in a rock band called EAR2000. Now, we can see Arquette as the 1-800-CALL-ATT Guy.
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