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Dervla Kirwan

Birth Date: October 24 1971
Birth Place: N/A

Dervla (meaning 'Daughter of a poet') Kirwan was born in October 1971 in Churchtown, Dublin. Her Father worked in insurance and her Mother was a french and english teacher. She has two older sisters. She was just 15 when she landed her first role in the BBC Drama 'Troubles' (1987) and a year later she got a part in the first part of Billy Roche's 'Wexford Trilogy' which ran from 15 Feb-19 Mar 1988 at the Bush Theatre, London. She played this role again when the plays were made into a TV series broadcast 31 July 1993. Her stage work continued with 'Poor Beast In The Rain', the second part of the Wexford Trilogy, (Bush theatre 13 Nov-22 Dec. 1992/TV 7 Aug.1993), 'Hush' (Royal Court Theatre 10 Aug-7 Sept.1992), 'Water Music' (Cockpit Theatre 23 Sept -17 October 1992), 'Once A Catholic' (Tricycle Theatre 18 December 1992) and 'An Absolute Turkey' (Globe Theatre 27 Dec. 1993). Her only feature film to date is 'December Bride' (1990) although she is currently 'waiting to hear about 3 or 4 film projects'. On Television she has appeared in 'A Time To Dance' (12 Jan-2 February 1992), 'Goodnight Sweetheart'(which she quit at the end of the last series), and 'Ballykissangel'. On October 8th 1996 she won the National Television Award for 'Most Popular Actress' for her ro le as Assumpta in Ballykissangel. Her current boyfriend is her Ballykissangel co-star Stephen Tompkinson and she says they are 'stable and comfortable and very much in love'
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