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Birth Date: September 7 1978
Birth Place: N/A

Devon Edward Sawa was born on September 7, 1978 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. His love of acting began when he starred in a school play in kintergarten, and since then, he has had many roles on TV and in movies. About three years ago, he landed a part on the Canadian TV show "Kid Zone", on which all of the characters used their real names. The show lasted for a season. He also appeared as Yudo on another Canadian show entitled "The Odyssey". This show also starred Ashliegh Aston Moore, who would later become his co-star in the movie Now and Then. Playing Casper as real boy in "Casper" was Devon's big break. Although he only had about five minutes of screen time, it was his biggest role yet. "Casper" took so long to release (due to the special effects that were needed) that Devon had time to complete another movie, "Little Giants", before it came into theaters. In "Little Giants", he plays Junior Floyd, the quarterback for the Little Giants. In the recently released "Now and Then", Devon plays Scott Wormer, the town bully. In this film, he is reunited with his "Casper" co-star, Christina Ricci and they share a second on-screen kiss in the movie. Devon has finished fimling one more movie now called "The Boys Club". It will be in theaters soon. Devon Sawa's acting carrer is just begging, and you can expect to see him in many more movies in the years to come. Devon Sawa's career started in his home country, Canada, however with his immense popularity following his brief, but memorable role in the hit movie "Casper", American audiences have welcomed the young actor and he his success has been mounting.
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