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Birth Date: January 5 1946
Birth Place: N/A

Diane was a California native who studied Drama at Santa Ana College before dropping out to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. After appearing in summer stock for several months, she got her first major stage role in the Broadway rock musical "Hair". As understudy to the lead, she gained attention by not removing any of her clothing. In 1970, 'Woody Allen' (qv) cast her in his Broadway play "Play It Again, Sam", which had a successful run. It was during this time that she became involved with Woody and thereafter she appeared in a number of his films. The first one was the comedy _Play It Again, Sam (1972)_ (qv) which was the screen adaption of the stage play. That same year Coppola cast her as Kay in the Oscar winning movie _Godfather, The (1972)_ (qv) and she was on her way to stardom. She reprised her role as Kay in the sequel _Godfather: Part II, The (1974)_ (qv) otherwise she appeared with Woody in _Sleeper (1973)_ (qv), 0073312 and so on. In 1977, she broke away from her comedy image to appear in the chilling _Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977)_ (qv), which would give her a Golden Globe nomination. It was the same year that she would appear in the 'Woody Allen' (qv) movie _Annie Hall (1977)_ (qv) and what an impact she would make. She would win the Oscar and the British Award for Best Actress and Woody would win the Director Award from the DGA. Diane would start a fashion trend with her unisex clothes and would be the poster girl for a lot of young males. Her mannerisms and awkward speech would become well known. But the question being asked was- is she just a lightweight playing herself or is there more depth to her personality. For whatever reason, she appeared in but one film a year for the next two years and those films were by Woody Allen. When they broke up, she was next involved with Warren Beatty and appeared in his film _Reds (1981)_ (qv), as the bohemian female journalist Louise Bryant. For her performance, she would receive nominations for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe. For the rest of the 80's she would appear infrequently in films, but she would continue to win nominations in three of them. Trying to break her typecasting, she became the tool of the terrorist in the film _Little Drummer Girl, The (1984)_ (qv). To offset her lack of movie work, Diane began directing. She directed the documentary _Heaven (1987)_ (qv), as well as some music videos. For Television she directed an episode of the popular, but strange, _"Twin Peaks" (1990)_ (qv). For the 90's, she has matured as an mainstream actress who reprised her role as Kay for the third Godfather film and Nina in _Father of the Bride (1991)_ (qv) and _Father of the Bride Part II (1995)_ (qv). In 1993, she would again team with 'Woody Allen' (qv) in his film _Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)_ (qv) which would be well received. In 1995, Diane would receive high marks for _Unstrung Heroes (1995)_ (qv), her first major feature as a director.
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