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Birth Date: December 15 1949
Birth Place: N/A

Donnie Wayne Johnson was born December. 15, 1950 in Flatt Creek, Missouir. He went to Wichita South high school. He made his professional debut in the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, in "Your Own Thing," a rock musical modeled after Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night." Johnson earned a full drama scholarship to the University of Kansas, which he graduated from in 1971. He burst onto the cinema scene in 1970 playing the title role in the hippie drama The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart which he followed with parts in several fims. His career faded for nearly a decade, Johnson reemerged on TV in 1984 as star of "Miami Vice." The show's success revitalized his big screen career. His later films showed his diversity as an actor. He has played a Vietnam vet, a weary cop and a would-be bank robber. Johnson met actress Melanie Griffith when she was 14 and they were married three years later, subsequently divorced, and then remarried in 1989, having a child together. Johnson has always had a way with women; At the age of 12, he seduced his babysitter, at 16 moved in with a woman who was 25 years old. During his college life he seduced his female drama teacher. He has been in several films in the 90s and returned to television in 1996 with the CBS show Nash Bridges, which he also produces. He lives with his wife Kelley Phleger and their daughter, spending time with his other two children which he has from previous relationships.
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