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Eduardo Yanez is one of Mexico's most celebrated leading men of stage and televison. Born in Mexico City, this handsome and charming star is one of the most sought-after male actor in the Mexican television industry. He has appeared in several soap operas, such as: "Quiereme Siempre", "El Amor Nunca Muere", "El Maleficio", "Tu Eres Mi Destino", "Sendas de Gloria", "Marielena", "Guadalupe", "En Carne Propia", and "Dulce Desafio", to name a few. His performance in "Guadalupe" earned him broad critical acclaim. However numerous his accomplishments to date, it was his performance in "Yo Compro esa Mujer" that brought him status as a leading man of unique style and ability and prompted TV and Soap Opera magazines to name him "Best Actor of the Year". Yanez's popularity also extends to the silver screen, where he has appeared in major roles in a variety of commercially successful dramatic and action films. Among his film credits are La Muerte Cruz el Río Bravo, Contrato con la Muerte, Yako, Cazador de Malditos, El Maleficio, Ocho Malditos.
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