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Birth Date: December 11 1966
Birth Place: N/A

Gary Dourdan was born in Philadelphia and now lives in Los Angeles. His birth date is Dec. 11. Gary Dourdan recently appeared as Malcolm X in the television movie "Muhammad Ali: King of the World." His additional television credits include a starring role in the series "Swift Justice" and guest appearances in the series "New York Undercover," "Cold Feet" and "Beggars and Choosers." Among Dourdan's feature film credits are "Impostor," "Alien Resurrection," "Playing God," "Scarred City," "New Jersey Turnpikes" and "The Weekend." Dourdan's also an accomplished musician. Dourdan is in the studio working on a pair of upcoming CDs. "I've been really fortunate to have some great people come down and play with me in the studio. I'm trying to push for a late-March release date, but times change, and plans, they change a little bit. I'm a perfectionist, and there are all kinds of new tunes coming out of the studio." It's not surprising that Dourdan has a parallel career in music, since members of his family are musicians, and he used to produce jazz artists for a European label. His repertoire includes guitar, piano, bass, drum and saxophone.
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