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Birth Date: October 16 1959
Birth Place: N/A

Gary Kemp was born in Isslington, London in October 1959. He grew up in the same area he was born in. When he was 10 he really got interested in music. So on his birthday he got his first guitar from his parents. He then learned how to play it and started to write songs. In the 70's he and his brother Martin went into acting in the theatre. Then in 1978 Gary Kemp formed the Makers. Then Richard Miller left and his brother replaced him on bass. That's when Gary changed the name to Spandau Ballet. Gary started to play the synthesizer as well. Spandau's break came in March 1980 when they were filmed for a documentary on ITV. Then when it came out record companies were bursting out of their ears. They chose to sign to Chrysalis because they offered the most money. For 10 years they had hits like To Cut a Long Story Short (1980), Chant No.1 (I don't need this pressure on)(1981), True (1983), Gold (1983), Only When You Leave (1984) and Through the Barricades (1986). After their tour in 1987 Gary and Martin decided to go into acting once again. They auditioned for the part in the Krays and in 1989 they turned into Ronald and Reggie. Soon afterwards Spandau made their last tour and a concert was even made into a DVD in later years. Since their last concert Gary has not strummed a guitar or banged on a Synthesizer. He has spent the last 11 years still acting, getting a messy divorce and last but not least a major battle over 1,000,000 royalties with John Keeble, Steve Norman and Tony Hadley, his 3 other bandmates. This battle he won. His 3 other bandmtes have put it all behind them and have reformed Spandau to do occasional live performanes. Gary has decided not to join but like he said in a documentary about Spandau Ballet last autumn, "Part of me never wants to do it again. Part of me is fascinated of what it would be like. Becuase we spent the most amazing time together." But in winter 2001 Gary toured the UK with his musical Art. It has been quite a success.
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