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Birth Date: May 6 1961
Birth Place: N/A

George Clooney was born May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. Though Clooney started work at age 5, on his father's talk show, The Nick Clooney Show, he returned to acting at the relatively late age of 21, and only after his tryout for a Cincinnati Reds center-fielder slot didn't pan out. With the casual self-confidence of one born into a showbiz family, Clooney moved to Los Angeles, landing his first professional gig in a stereo commercial Clooney's confidence endured 15 dead-end TV pilots and a number of undemanding series roles including stints onThe Facts of Life and Roseanne. He finally hit it big in 1994 with his dramatic role in Michael Crichton's ER, playing the dreamy pediatrician Dr. Doug Ross. The show upgraded Clooney to a media darling. In short order, Clooney became a hot commodity and high-priced film offers rained down on him. His appearance in Quentin Tarantino's 1996 From Dusk Till Dawn gave him an even higher profile in Hollywood. Clooney has been pushing his work-endurance limits ever since, on both the small and big screens. In the late 90s, he ventured into other actin films, such as The Peacemaker and Batman & Robin. Though Clooney checked out of ER after his fifth season on the series, he plans to make occasional guest appearances. He has signed a development deal with CBS, and his Maysville Productions has a full slate of projects in development. Clooney will likely headline a fair number of the films in the eclectic lineup. He returned to the small screen in early 2000 in a live remake of the classic Cold War thriller Fail Safe that he both produced and starred in. He has also won the Golden Globe for his role in O Brother, Where Art Thou.
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