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Georgianna Robertson

Birth Date: March 23 1972
Birth Place: N/A

Georgianna was born in a Jamaica, to a cosmetologist mother half Indian from India and a Jamaican politician father of Scottish descent. She came to New York at age 12, with her mother and 2 brothers. She graduated from High School as an honor-student, even receiving an award for being one of the best students in the state of N.Y. Georgianna went on to study at Hunter College in N.Y., before she was discovered and took upon the challenge of becoming a likewise successful international model. “She has a natural elegance that goes beyond the superficial cliché catwalk attitude. I was impressed when Director Robert Altman told me that he felt from Georgianna an impact on the Dior runway a transcendental, three dimensional expression that comes from an inner confidence, strength of character and a mystery of a noble spirit.” Georgianna Robertson personifies the quintessential modern woman of the new millenium . She is the new multicultural, multiracial educated modern young woman with style, grace and class and with a health and socially conscious and responsible persona. From fashion-shows for YSL, CHANEL, DIOR and Ralph Lauren , over billboard-campaigns in Times Square and numerous campaigns and commercials from YSL Jazz cologne, Courreges over Ralph Lauren Jeans to L’Oreal and Maybelline cosmetics to the ground-breaking first ever worldwide print- and film campaign by CARTIER. Even making her film debut, when Director Robert Altman cast her for the lead role as the onscreen-wife of Rupert Everett in his movie “Pret-a-Porter”(“Ready-to-wear”). Her 2nd project was the award-winning short-film “Save the Rabbit”, co-written by Jean-Marie Duprez and Danny Aiello, where Georgianna co-stared with Teri Garr, Gerard Darmon, Danny Aiello and Tom November. The latest movie project “Double 00” by French Director Gerard Pires (“Taxi”) is a female lead-role playing a machine-gun fighting, killer villain along side French comedy stars Eric Judor & Ramzy Bedia and also Edouard Baer. To be released 2004.
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