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Perhaps filmdom's most ungainly sex symbol, this popular and prolific leading man is equally comfortable as a lumbering, lovable lug, a menacing hulk, or a classical hero. Introduced to American audiences as a wandering, nasty ne'er-do-well in Going Places (1974), Depardieu also impressed moviegoers in 1900 (1977), Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (1978), The Last Metro (1980), The Return of Martin Guerre (1982), Jean de Florette (1986), and The Possessed (1987). In 1984 he wrote and directed an adaptation of Tartuffe His American film debut, opposite Andie MacDowell in the romantic comedy Green Card (1990), failed to catapult him to stateside stardom. In his native France, however, his star still shines bright, especially following his acclaimed performance in Cyrano de Bergerac (1990, which earned an Oscar nomination and a Best Actor award at Cannes), and he continues to work in English-language productions such as 1492 (1992), in which he played Christopher Columbus. He appeared with his son Guillame in Tous les matins du monde (1992), and then worked for JeanLuc Godard in Hélas pour moi (Oh, Woe Is Me 1993). OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1973: Stavisky 1974: EB>. and the Others 1975: Maîtresse 1976: The Last Woman 1978: Les Chiens 1979: Buffet froid, Mon oncle d'Amerique 1981: Choice of Arms, The Woman Next Door 1982: Danton 1983: Les Comperes, The Moon in the Gutter 1985: One Woman or Two 1989: Henry V, Too Beautiful for You 1990: Uranus 1994: Germinal, My Father, the Hero, Colonel Chabert, A Pure Formality
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