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Born in Rockford, Illinois, Ginger Lynn Allen went to California in 1982 to visit her ill grandfather. She decided to stay and found employment as a manager at a Musicland record store in Redlands. She had lived in a trailer in one of the worst parts of the city for almost a year when she answered an ad for figure Models. This led to employment the same day and a layout in Penthouse magazine. Work in the adult-film industry soon followed. She worked in the industry from December 1983 through February 1986, making a total of 69 films (plus countless re-issues and compilations). She retired, partially because the work was no longer fun and she had very little time off. Following her years in adult movies, she appeared in many "legit" films throughout the late eighties and nineties -- most notably, the "Vice Academy" films. She also had starring roles in Bound and Gagged: A Love Story and Ultimate Taboo, as well as smaller parts in If You're Afraid to Say It... Just See It, The Stranger and The Last Late Night. She also starred in Metallica's music video, "Turn the Page." She has a son, whom she gave birth to on March 24, 1996. She tours gentlemen's clubs around the country, and signed a comeback deal with VCA Pictures in 1999. She has starred in four new adult movies so far: Torn, White Lightning, New Wave Hookers 6, and _Taken (2001) (V)_ . Written by: Panduro Ginger Lynn Allen achieved iconic status in two short years as an adult film star. By 1986 she was a porn legend, doing an astonishing 69 adult films, many of which still top video charts today. Following her years in the adult film industry, Ginger appeared in many mainstream films - most notably, the "Vice Academy" and "Wing Commander" movies. She also had starring roles in "Bound and Gagged: A Love Story," and "Young Guns II" as well as a stint on "NYPD Blue." She is featured in Metallica's "Turn the Page" music video, and will be seen in Rob Zombie's upcoming horror epic "The Devil's Rejects" and Vincent Rocca's outrageous comedy "Kisses And Caroms." She has proven herself as a talented actress, even going toe to toe with Sharon Stone for the lead in "Casino." Rumor is, Martin Scorsese wanted her, but the studio wanted Stone. Coincidentally, Stone's character is named Ginger. Her fascinating life story, including her romance with Charlie Sheen, her time in prison, and her battle with cancer are told in the 2 hour "E! True Hollywood story, Ginger Lynn." Currently she is writing the juicy tidbits E! couldn't tell in her own autobiography "I did it, I liked it, So What!"
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