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Birth Date: May 21 1900
Birth Place: N/A

Gladise Jimenez began her career while in college, when she was discovered by a modeling scout in her native Puerto Rico. After appearing in a number of print campaigns, runway shows and television commercials, Jimenez moved to California. There, she entered - and won - the spokesmodel category on Star Search. Based on her appearance, she was approached by an agent who encouraged her to delve into acting. Before long she landed the role of Ramona on the daytime drama The Young & the Restless. Though initially contracted for only a Five-episode run, Jimenez struck a chord with fans and stayed with the series for two years. She went on to star as Carmen on The Bold & the Beautiful, a role for which Jimenez received an ALMA nomination. Jimenez has also appeared on episodes of Melrose Place; Walker, Texas Ranger; Diagnosis Murder; 7 Days; and Pacific Blue. Her film credits include Thicker Than Water and BlowBack. She also starred in the novella (a daytime serial drama on Spanish-language television) Te Dejaré de Amar.
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