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Birth Date: February 15 1970
Birth Place: N/A

Mexican superstar who became a superstar in the 1980's due to her wild personality and hard rock. Similar to Janis Joplin in her recording style, and with a personality like that of Madonna's, Trevi filmed several Mexican films that sealed her fame. However, in the 1990's Trevi's career started to go downhill, and after becoming romantically involved with her manager, Sergio Andrade, Trevi found herself on the run from Mexican police, and later Interpol. Wanted by authorities for child prostitution, child slavery, and child abuse, both Trevi and Andrade were fugitives from the law for about two years before being arrested by Brazilian authorities in Rio de Janiero in April 2000. Still in jail in Brazil awaiting extradition to Mexico, she is also wanted by authorities in Argentina, Spain, and Italy for abuse of minors.
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