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Harrison Ford's early career is long on rejection and frustration; at one point, he hastily taught himself carpentry to survive. Of course, every Great American Hard-Luck Story must have its happy ending, and Ford's is no different. He earns eight-figure paychecks and relaxes between films at his 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ford, born July 13, 1942, grew up in Des Plaines, Illinois. When he was young, he was small in size and was picked on by bullies. He attended Maine Township High in nearby Park Ridge, where he earned C and D grades, hung out mostly with the girls, and served as one of those audiovisual assistants who push projectors from room to room. Ford attended Ripon College , a tiny school in Wisconsin, where he majored in English. His interest in acting started during a stint in Summer Stock Theater. He left school and headed for Los Angeles in a beat-up Volkswagen bus with his college sweetheart, later wife, Mary Marquardt, and a dream of becoming an actor. Finding steady work in acting was not an easy feat. A relentless perfectionist, Ford was ejected from talent stables at both Columbia and Universal for his refusal to cooperate with directors and producers who did not share his standards of excellence. At age twenty-four, Ford took a carpenter's job , he had to pay the bills somehow. Ford discovered he possessed a natural gift with tools, and before long the novice builder was earning a respectable living constructing everything from decks to bookcases. He occasionally supplemented his income with small television and film roles whenever he could land them. Ford nearly passed up a role in a promising young director&Mac226;s , George Lucas, film American Graffiti. He almost passed u p the role because of the low pay. Luckily, he changed his mind when the studio offered him an extra fifteen dollars a week. The film was a hit, and a lasting friendship between director and actor was formed. Lucas cast Ford in the role of Star Wars' cynical space adventurer Han Solo. His role in Star Wars, as well as the other films in the trilogy, assured his place in Hollywood. A year after Star Wars, Lucas and Steven Spielberg asked Ford to play in Raiders of the Lost Ark, a role he was born to play. His performance as roguish archaeologist Indiana Jones was smash hit, and made Ford both a household name and an international sex symbol. In 1985, he starred in Witness , gaining the Best Actor Oscar nomination for the role. He plays ordinary men who grapple with extraordinary circumstances . He has acted in countless blockbusters. Ford has two adult sons from his first marriage to Marquardt. That marriage ended in divorce in 1979, and four years later Ford married screenwriter Melissa Mathison. The couple has two children of their own. Fans will be happy to know there is another Indiana Jones adventure in the works, but don't hold your breath. "There's another script," Ford admits, but warns, "the last script took five years until everyone was happy."
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