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Birth Date: September 25 1961
Birth Place: N/A

Heather’s career can be summarized as follows; get a role on a hit series, leave series, bomb for a few years…get another role on a hit series, leave series, live in Hollywood has-been squalor for a few years… get yet another role… You get the picture. She has also made a habit of marrying rock stars, first joining up with Tommy Lee. When he moved to the greener pasture that is Pamela Anderson, Heather turned to former Cher fuck-buddy Richie Sambora from the hit group Bon Jovi. Oh, what it must be like to be a superstar… Heather’s first big break was on the nighttime soap opera Dynasty, in which she perfected her uber-bitch persona which she would prove to ride throughout the rest of her career. During the time that she was on that show, she would make guest spots on various other series, including CHiPs, The Fall Guy, and as a balloon smuggler on the hit show The Love Boat.
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