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Hector Camacho Jr (born 1978) is a professional boxer. He is the son of legendary three time world champion Hector Macho Camacho. At the age of eight, Camacho Jr. first gained some prominence, when he entered the ring with his dad and did a mock sparring with him before his father's world title defense against Edwin Rosario. That night, he wore a Puerto Rican flag attire. After an award winning amateur boxing career, he turned professional in the middle 1990s. As a professional, he has beaten boxers like Rocky Martinez and former world champion Philip Holiday, and he had a no contest against former world champion Jesse James Leija, the Leija fight being filled with controversy because of the scoring of the fight, as the judges had initially given the fight to Camacho Jr on a technical decision in Five rounds, but Leija's camp protested the result, resulting in the fight being called a no-contest. In 2002, Camacho Jr. lost for the first time, to Argentine Omar Weiss, by a decision in ten rounds. Camacho recovered with a 12 round win by decision against an unknown Mexican boxer in California. A constant HBO Boxing star, he sports a record of 36 wins, 1 loss and 1 no contest, with 18 wins by knockout.
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