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Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm, Sweden on August 29, 1915. The actress who would be one of the top draws of Hollywood in the 1940's had decided to become an actress after finishing her formal schooling. She had had a taste of acting when she was 17 when she played an uncredited role of a girl standing in line in the Swedish film _Landskamp (1932)_ (qv) in 1932. Not much of a beginning for a girl who would be known as "Sweden's illustrious gift to Hollywood." Her parents had died when she was just a girl and the uncle she lived with didn't want to stand in the way of Ingrid's dream. The next year she enrolled in the Swedish Royal Theatre but decided that stage acting was not for her. It would be three more years before she would have another chance at a film. When she did, it was more than just a bit part. The film in question was _Munkbrogreven (1935)_ (qv) in 1935 where she had a speaking part as Elsa Edlund. After several films that year which would establish her as a class actress, Ingrid appeared in 1936's _Intermezzo (1936/I)_ (qv) as Anita Hoffman. Lucky for her, movie mogul David O. Selzick saw it and sent a representative from MGM to gain rights to the story and have the beautiful Miss Bergman signed to a contract. Once signed, Ingrid came to California and starred in the remake of _Intermezzo (1939)_ (qv) in 1939 reprising her original role. The film was a hit and so was Ingrid. Her beauty was unlike anything the movie industry had seen before and her acting was superb. Hollywood was about to find out that they had the most versatile actress the industry had ever seen. Here was a woman who truly cared about the craft she represented. The public fell in love with her. Ingrid was under contract to go back to Sweden to film _En enda natt (1939)_ (qv) in 1939 and _Juninatten (1940)_ (qv) in 1940. Back in the US, Ingrid appeared in three films with all being well-received. She made only one film in 1942 opposite the great Humphrey Bogart in the now classic _Casablanca (1942)_ (qv). Ingrid was choosing her roles well. In 1943 she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in _For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943)_ (qv), the only film she made that year. The critics and movie public didn't forget her when she made _Gaslight (1944)_ (qv) the following year. For her role of Paula Alquist she won the Oscar for Best Actress. In 1945, Ingrid played in _Spellbound (1945)_ (qv), _Saratoga Trunk (1945)_ (qv), and _Bells of St. Mary's, The (1945)_ (qv). Once again she received her third Oscar nomination for her role of Sister Benedict. With no appearances in 1947, she bounced back with her fourth nomination in Joan of Arc. In 1949, Ingrid went ot Italy to film _Stromboli (1949)_ (qv) which was directed by Roberto Rossellini. She fell in love with him and left her husband, Dr. Peter Lindstrom and daughter Pia. The public was indignant and the Hollywood set appalled. She was pregnant and decided to remain in Italy where she bore a son. In 1952, Ingrid had twins Isotta and Isabella, who is an outstanding actress in her own right as is Pia. She continued to make films in Italy and finally returned to the Hollywood scene in 1956 in the title role in _Anastasia (1956)_ (qv) which was filmed in England. For this she won her second Academy Award. She had scarcely missed a beat. Ingrid continued to bounce between Europe and the US making movies, and fine ones at that. A film with Ingrid Bergman was sure to be a quality production. In her final big screen performance in 1978's _Höstsonaten (1978)_ (qv) she had her final Academy Award nomination. Though she didn't win, it was felt she had made the most sterling performance for her entire career. Ingrid retired but not before she gave an outstanding TV performance in the mini-series _Woman Called Golda, A (1982) (TV)_ (qv), a film about the Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir. For this she won an Emmy Award as Best Actress, but, unfortunately, she didn't live to see the fruits of her labor. Ingrid had died on her birthday, from cancer, on August 29, 1982 in London, England. She was 67.
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