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Birth Date: April 19 1978
Birth Place: N/A

Best known for his breakthrough starring role on "Freaks and Geeks"(1999), James Franco was born in Palo Alto, California. Growing up with his two younger brothers, he graduated from Palo Alto high school in 1996 and went on to attend UCLA, majoring in English. To overcome his shyness, he got into acting while studying there, he left after only one year. After fifteen months of intensive study at Robert Carnegie's Playhouse West, James began actively pursuing his dream of finding work as an actor in Hollywood. In that short time, he landed himself a starring role on Freaks and Geeks. The show, however, was not a hit to its viewers at the time, and was cancelled after its first year. Now, it has become a cult-hit. Prior to joining "Freaks and Geeks", Franco starred in the TV miniseries Family Shield and co-starred opposite Drew Barrymore in the hit film Never Been Kissed(1999). After that he had a starring role in _Whatever it Takes (2000)_ , which is where he met his current girlfriend, Marla Sokoloff. Although he'd been working steadily, it wasn't until the TNT made-for-television movie, James Dean that James rose to fan-magazine fame and got to show off his talent. Since then he has been working non-stop. After losing the lead role to Tobey Maguire, James settled for the part of Harry Osborne, Spider-Man's best friend in the summer 2002 major hit Spider-Man. Next was _Dueces Wild (2002)_ and City by the Sea, in which Robert De Niro personally had him cast, after viewing his performance in James Dean.
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