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Birth Date: December 31 1953
Birth Place: N/A

Rugged, intense character player with a receding hairline, average-guy good looks and a slightly squinty stare, adept at vicious, sometimes psychopathic roles. Remar gained recognition as a punk who gets chained to a park bench by a woman cop in his second film, _Warriors, The (1979)_ (qv). That same year he garnered acclaim on Broadway as 'Richard Gere' (qv)'s lover in the concentration camp drama, "Bent". Remar subsequently kept busy primarily in features, playing tough guy Dutch Schultz in 'Francis Ford Coppola' (qv)'s _Cotton Club, The (1984)_ (qv), one of the Neanderthals in _Clan of the Cave Bear, The (1986)_ (qv), and an experienced military officer who doubts the power of Shakespeare in _Renaissance Man (1994)_ (qv). Remar has occasionally garnered roles which highlight a more vulnerable side, such as his guitarist who gets a break in the Oscar-winning short, _Session Man (1993) (TV)_ (qv) or his artist who falls in love with a gargoyle come to life in the best segment of the horror anthology, _Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)_ (qv). Remar is, in fact, still best known for his galvanizing performances as a homicidal maniac escaped from prison in _48 Hours (1982)_ (qv); and as a no-nonsense cop in _Drugstore Cowboy (1989)_ (qv). Remar sent up some of his earlier roles in the half-baked spoof _Fatal Instinct (1993)_ (qv), as a killer released from prison out to get Armand Assante.
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