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Janine Lindemulder

Birth Date: November 14 1968
Birth Place: N/A

Janine had not always been in adult film. She had originally tried to start a mainstream career in the late 1980s. With her gorgeous yet teenage girlish looks and incredible body, it was no surprise that the roles she was cast in were typical "blonde bimbo" roles. She has 2 "mainstream" movies to her credit, "Moving Target" and "Lauderdale." Both movies performed so poorly and her performance considered so bland that her mainstream career was going nowhere. Janine turned to the adult film industry in 1989 in a soft-core semi-porn movie called "Caged Fury", which even featured well-known actor Eric Estrada. Having made an impression, Janine's career in the adult industry had begun. She performed in a few lesser-known films in 1990, performing sexually with male co-stars exclusively. She took off for a while during her pregnancy, but after the birth of her son she returned to the Adult Industry with a bang--performing only with women. Her career took off with this decision, and landed her in many popular films, such as the 'Where the Boys Aren't' series of films as well as one of her most popular roles in 'Blondage'. Janine is now a legendary figure in the Adult Industry--with hundreds of scenes performed exclusively with other women, Janine is the literal poster-girl for Girl/Girl Adult Entertainment. There are many fan clubs (male and female alike) that celebrate her 'talent' of working with other women and her delightful, upbeat personality. Although she retired in terms of performing in adult films in 2000(much to the protest of her legions of fans), she remains in the adult industry as a director/producer of many films, and remains one of the most famous and recognizable figures in the history of pornography, right up there with Ron Jeremy, Peter North and her 'disciple' Jenna Jameson. Her very rare scenes filmed with male co-stars are widely sought after and are extremely difficult to come by, sought by many fans and circulating throughout the internet.
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