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Birth Date: May 10 1966
Birth Place: N/A

Jason Brooks is a highly versatile actor whose extensive credits extend to film, television, live theatre and stand-up comedy. He joins "Baywatch Hawaii" this season as the pivotal character, "Sean Monroe, " who is responsible for running the new international lifeguard training center. The youngest of three children, Brooks spent the majority of his childhood in Los Angeles. While in college, he pursued a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors, one of which resulted in a thriving business. Nonetheless, he found sales uninspiring, so he put some of his profits toward acting classes where he discovered his true calling. He soon found an agent and his acting career began. "Baywatch" casting directors were first impressed with Brooks when he auditioned for a guest star role in 1993. Much to their dismay, shortly before filming began Brooks won the role of `Peter Blake' on "Days of Our Lives." Hailed as "one of the sexiest men on television" by Soap Opera Digest, Brooks is recognized for his three-year stint on "Days of Our Lives, " but is also a familiar face in primetime with recurring and guest star roles on "Friends, " "The Pretender, " "Early Edition" and "The New Love Boat." In addition, Brooks recently starred in CBS' MOW "Three Secrets" with Jacqueline Smith and Tyne Daly. Other MOW credits include a starring role opposite Tori Spelling in the ABC MOW "Alibi" and a lead role in the UPN MOW "The Darwin Conspiracy." In 1995, Brooks was named "Outstanding Villain" at the 11th Annual Soap Opera Awards. He and his wife Corinne divide their time between Los Angeles and Hawaii with their new baby, Jaredan.
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