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Birth Date: September 12 1972
Birth Place: N/A

Jason Statham has done quite a lot in a short time. He has been an Olympic Diver on the British National Diving Team and finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992. He has also been a fashion model. He got the audition for his debut role as Bacon in Two Smoking Barrels through French Connection, for whom he was modeling, as they became a major investor in the film and introduced Jason to Guy Ritchie. Ritchie invited him to audition for a part in the film by challenging him to impersonate an illegal street vendor and convince him to purchase fake jewelery. Jason must have been doing something right because after the success of Lock, Stock, he teamed up again with Ritchie for Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds, with co-stars including Brad Pitt, Dennis Farina, and Benicio del Toro. After Snatch came Turn It Up with US music star Ja Rule, followed by a supporting actor role in the Sci-Fi film Ghosts of Mars, Jet Li's The One and another screen partnership with Vinnie Jones in Mean Machine under Guy Ritchie's and Matthew Vaughn's SKA Films. In 2002 he was cast as the lead role of Frank Martin in The Transporter. Jason is also in the blockbuster remake of The Italian Job playing handsome Rob.
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