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Born in Ely, Minnesota, and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Jessica Biel has paid her dues in the Hollywood scene. A break-out star as Mary Camden on the WB's highest rated show, 7th Heaven, Jessica still manages to make a few appearances per season, even though she has left the show, in the midst of an exploding film career. She excited and terrified movie-goers with her portrayal of "Leatherface's" greatest nemesis to date, as Erin in New Line Cinema's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, its remake of the famous original. Having finished filming, Blade: Trinity, with Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson, she has recently transported her intensely-cut and trained body of a vampire hunter/killer to Australia to fill the uniform and project the integrity of one of film's first female jet-fighter pilots in Columbia/Sony Pictures new film, Stealth, starring Josh Lucas, Jamie Foxx and S'am Shepherd' , with director Rob Cohen. Jessica's film career began at age 14 when she played alongside 'Peter Fonda' in in Ulee's Gold. Her other film credits include, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Summer Catch, Roger Avary's The Rules of Attraction and Cellular, which stars Chris Evans, Kim Basinger and William H. Macy' .
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